7. Travel

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7.4 Private and hired vehicles

(a) General principles

Where it is reasonable to do so, individuals are permitted to use private vehicles to make business journeys. Claims should be made using the Expenses Claim Form, providing full details of the reason for the journey, its date, destination and names of any passengers carried.

Prior to using private vehicles for business purposes individuals must ensure that their insurance cover extends to business use and, if necessary, amend it accordingly. Departments should be satisfied that an individual has obtained adequate insurance cover prior to authorizing any mileage claim and may request proof accordingly.

Note: Fuel costs cannot be claimed in addition to or instead of mileage for private vehicles. See section 7.5 about VAT and fuel. It is expressly forbidden to use University Credit Cards to purchase fuel for private vehicles.


(b) Mileage rates for private vehicles

Individuals who use their own private vehicles on University business in accordance with these rules will be paid mileage at standard rates:

Allowable mileage rates for business use of private vehicles


Mileage Rate

Motor car or van

45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles in each tax year; thereafter 25p per mile.

Motor cycle or moped

24p per mile for all mileage.


20p per mile for all mileage

Mileage is only payable for journeys in excess of 5 miles. Where passengers are carried on University business an additional 5p per passenger per mile may also be claimed for each journey. If a claimant travels by car to a seminar and takes 2 colleagues who will also be attending as passengers, a rate of 55p per mile may be claimed. Additional passengers may not be carried in excess of the vehicle's designed capacity.

(c) Rules for use of hired vehicles

In order to avoid tax charges and other difficulties, the following rules for use must be adhered to at all times:

Rules for use of hired vehicles

  • Vehicles must be used for business purposes and journeys only. All private use is forbidden; and
  • Vehicles must only be taken home by employees where a business journey starts before 9am the following day, or it is not possible to return the vehicle to its depot because a journey ends after normal closing time, or business use of the vehicle extends over more than 1 day; and
  • Vehicles are not used for ordinary commuting between home and the normal place of work; and
  • Where reasonably possible, the costs of hire are paid for directly by the University and not by the individual, subsequently reimbursed.*

* In the case of fieldwork, where the ability of the University to make a direct hire payment is limited, individuals may hire vehicles themselves and seek reimbursement via the expenses process, as long as all of the other conditions outlined above are met and receipts are provided.

Hired vehicles may be paid for using the Suppliers Procedure or a University Credit Card. University Credit Cards or personal credit cards may also be used to purchase fuel for hired vehicles. In both cases a receipt must be obtained and, where a personal credit card is used, purchases may be reclaimed via the Expenses process.