4. General Procedures

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4.5 Senior officers and delegation of authority

Payment instructions and claims must not be authorized by any member of staff junior to the person receiving payment unless either the signatory is defined in the following table or a separate, specific arrangement has been agreed in writing with the Director of Finance.

Claims made by senior officers should be authorized as follows:

Approval of senior officer claims and payments:


Permitted Authorized Signatory

Departmental Administrator

  • Head of Department ; or
  • Any of the following in the absence of the Head of Department:

Head of Department (for claims exceeding £100)

  • Head of Division;
  • Divisional Secretary;
  • Divisional Financial Controller; or
  • Any of the following:

Head of Division
Pro Vice Chancellor

  • Director of Finance (or Divisional Financial Controller, acting as their delegate);
  • Registrar (or Divisional Secretary, acting as their delegate);
  • Vice Chancellor;

Director of Finance

  • Vice Chancellor; or

Vice Chancellor

  • Chairman of the Audit Committee