8. Subsistence

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8.1 Subsistence: General principles

(a) Scope and definition

Subsistence is defined as the following costs associated with allowable business travel.

Definition of subsistence:

  • Meals and refreshments taken;
  • Hotel and accommodation costs incurred for overnight stays, including certain associated incidental expenses.

Subsistence payments for spouses, partners, family friends or guests are specifically disallowed unless the conditions allowing business travel for such people are met.

Subsistence payments for visiting academics are covered separately in section 6.3 and payments to external examiners in section 6.4.

(b) Claims for reimbursement

All claims for subsistence must be made using the Expenses process.

(c) Expenses allowed

Individuals required by the University to travel in the course of their work for the University are entitled to claim the additional cost of meals taken en route or whilst away from their usual place of work. The reasonable and necessary costs of a meal (including a reasonable level of alcoholic or non-alcoholic refreshments) are allowed, as are the costs of a snack, tea, coffee, or soft drinks between meals. In all cases, the associated travel should occupy the whole or a substantial part of the working day, including normal meal breaks.

For the rules on tips, see section 11.2.

All claims must be supported by receipts.