Expenses and Relocation Forms


Update: the Expenses Claim Form has been updated to correct the a rounding error between the accounting distribution totals and balance claimed. It has also been amended to display zeros in the UK Bank Account No field

Expenses Claim Form (310kb)

Please note, this form is also now compatible with Macs.

AP Payment Request Form (2,981kb)

AP Advance Request Form (127kb)

HMRC Employment Income scale rates 


Further information about the Relocation Scheme.

For offer letters dated on or after 1 September 2011: Authorisation for Relocation Allowance (102kb) - to be completed by the person authorised to sign for relocation

For any queries or applications where the offer letter is dated earlier than 1 September 2011 please contact the Relocation Officer.

Once relocation allowance has been agreed, the applicant should complete the following forms and return to the Relocation Officer.

Reimbursement of Travel expenses (204kb)

Reimbursement of Removal expenses (228kb)

Reimbursement of Professional fees (227kb)

Inland Revenue tax forms

There are several forms that the Inland Revenue will require you to complete. All information on these are available in Payroll tax.