Casual Payments

This is a special service for paying short-term or ad hoc ‘casual workers’ whose maximum period of continuous employment will be for no more than 12 weeks.

It is run through the University Payroll, with payments made in arrears to individuals. Payment is made by electronic BACS transfer directly into individuals' bank accounts, following receipt of a Casual Payments form submitted by a member of the departmental administrative team. A payslip will be produced advising them of payments, deductions, and net pay.

The Casual Payroll is for staff whose maximum period of expected engagement is no more than 12 weeks. After 12 weeks of employment certain employees' rights may apply. For more information, please refer to the Personnel Services guidance on employment status. If there is an expectation of working for more than 12 weeks, regardless of the total number of hours to be worked, individuals should be registered onto the main University Payroll with a full University contract from their first day of employment. 

Note: The same work permit restrictions apply to both casual workers and those on the main University Payroll. For more information, please refer to the Staff Immigration guidance on Right to Work.

Improving the casual payment process

The process for paying casual workers is changing and we are currently updating this content. The information and forms below relate to the old process.  If your department is adopting the new process in “phase one” of the project, please refer to the guidance on the HRIS casuals project webpage.

Which Casual Payment Form should I use?

If the staff member does not currently have an active appointment within your department (check in CoreHR) complete all sections of a Casual Payment Starter form (53kb) including the right to work details on page 2. Information about these requirements can be found on the Payroll website and the HRIS Bulletins for November and December. Only the new two-page form which includes right to work data can be accepted, as the Payroll office can no longer process information received on older versions. If you have saved one please dispose of it.

See also: guidance on completing the Casual Payment Starter Form.

If the staff member has an active appointment with your department in CoreHR and the payment is relevant to this type of appointment (i.e. ‘Casual’ appointment for clerical, technical work etc.; ‘Castch’ appointment for teaching, demonstrating etc.), complete the Repeat Casual Payment form (32kb) - note that this can be used for more than one member of staff.

Other Casual Payments Frequently Asked Questions

Can payments be made to foreign bank accounts?

Payments cannot be made directly into foreign bank accounts via the payroll. These payment requests have to be made through Accounts Payable. This process can take several days longer than payment into a UK bank so the individual should be prepared for a delay. In exceptional circumstances, open cheques for those without a UK bank account can be arranged but only to the maximum value of £500. This method of payment is not recommended.

What if the contract or letter of engagement is for longer than 12 weeks?

If the contract or letter of engagement covers a period of more than 12 weeks, please set them up on a full University contract via Core.

For details about contract and letters of engagement, please refer to the Personnel web pages.

Do I need to take into account holiday pay?

All casual employees will be entitled to holiday pay. See the Personnel web pages.

If the length of the engagement becomes longer than expected and the individual is issued a full University contract, please notify the Casual Payments team by email so that the casual worker record can be closed.

Contact details

For further information, please contact:
Payroll team
Telephone: 01865 (6)16301


The Casual Payments team will close down records and issue P45s if any of the following occur:

  • The department notifies the Casual Payments team by email that no further payments will be made to the individual
  • The employee contacts the Casual Payments team to request a P45. Casual Payments team will contact the last paying department to confirm that there are no outstanding payments for the employee and ask that they confirm this by email.
  • HMRC send a P43 form - PAYE details of employee leaving.
    This is usually sent by HMRC when an individual has requested a refund a tax. The Casual Payments team will contact the department to confirm there are no outstanding payments.

In any normal tax year the Casual Payments team manages over 4,000 active individual records. From April 2010 all UK employers are required to issue P60s to all individuals whose record is "live" at the end of the tax year. The University will be charged for each P60 printed so to keep this extra cost to a minimum it is essential that dormant records are closed.