Salary scales

Pay Increase: Non-clinical salary scales updated (1 August  2016)

Following the 2016 national pay negotiations, the annual pay uplift for non-clinical University staff has been approved for implementation at Oxford. 

For full details please refer to Personnel Services Revised Salary and Grading Structure. This is also available to download from the Personnel Services Circulars page.

Implementation of an increase in the Living Wage (1 January 2017)

The University of Oxford accredited as a Living Wage employer in May 2015, committing to pay both employees and the staff of contractors and sub-contractors who work regularly on University premises at least the Living Wage.

As a result of an increase to the Living Wage in November 2016 to £8.45 per hour Personnel Committee has approved an uplift to the lowest point of grade 1 to the Living Wage rate (an increase of 3p per hour) from 1 January 2017.

Personnel Services circulars

Personnel Services circulars to departments, including information about annual changes to University Salary Scales, are on the Personnel Services Staff Noticeboard.