Departmental Administration

This section is intended as a brief guide to specific aspects of scheme administration. Information about the scheme in general can be found in the members’ sections.

New employees

From 1 October 2017, new employees will be enrolled in the defined contribution section of OSPS.

Please see the Joining and Opting out sections for general information.

It is essential that you put the new employee’s date of birth on HRIS. We cannot register their membership without this. If you do not know a new employee’s NI number please make every effort to obtain it from them.

If a new employee is joining from one of the colleges. please ask them to contact the Pensions Office.


If an employee has a change of contract, such as regrading, taking on a new post or being made permanent, then they will be automatically enrolled into OSPS. If they have previously opted out they will need to sign another opt out form. Please remember to tell employees about this if you are making a change to their contract.

Promotion and Regrading

If an employee takes on a post that is grade 6 or above then they have to join USS on that post.

This does not apply if they are seconded to a post which is grade 6 or above. In these circumstances they will stay in OSPS unless they move to that post permanently.

If an employee’s current post is regraded to grade 6 or above then they will have to leave OSPS and join USS.

Certain employees on grade 6 or above remained in OSPS following the single spine mapping process in 2006 and 2007. However, if they take on a higher grade post they will have to move to USS.

Please remind members who leave to join USS that their benefits will not be transferred to USS automatically. If they wish to transfer their OSPS benefits they will first of all need to fill in a USS Transfer Inquiry Form.

Maternity and other unpaid leave

For members who return from unpaid (sick) leave we will assume that you do not wish to pay your share of the contributions unless we hear to the contrary.

Please see the members’ section for more information on this. 

Change of address and personal details

Please update these on HRIS as soon as possible.

When members leave we will write to them at the home address given on HRIS so it is important that it is up to date.

We do not hold home addresses for active members. For mailings we use the payslip addresses on HRIS, so it is especially important that these addresses are correct.

Flexible retirement

Please refer to the Personnel Services website for more information.

Ill health retirement

Please look at the ill-health retirement section for more information. Please contact the Pensions Office if you have anyone who may need to retire on the grounds of ill health.

You should note that the Trustees do not normally ask for a report from Occupational Health. Even if you think an employee is not capable of doing their job on medical grounds that does not necessarily mean that they will get ill health retirement as the scheme’s criteria may be slightly different.

Remember that the ill health retirement process can take a few months or sometimes longer.


Please send in form Advance Notification of Retirement (RET1)(U) (25kb) as soon as an employee gives in their notice and tells you their retirement date. If you do not send this form we cannot process the employee’s retirement benefits.

Death in service

If a member dies in service please contact the Pensions Office. In particular it would be helpful  if you could give us anything you know about the members’ personal background. This will help us and the trustees decide who is potentially entitled to a lump sum and/or pension.