New members before 1 October 2017

This page contains guidance for setting up new employees contributions to OSPS Investment Builder.


All new employees should join the scheme from the start of their employment. Even if they are on probation they should still join from the first day. Waiting periods are not allowed under the rules.

You do not have to admit employees who work irregular hours. You do not have to readmit employees who have previously opted out.

If you have a policy of not readmitting employees if they opt out you should make this clear to them if they ask to opt out.

New joiner process

From 1 October 2017 new employees will be enrolled into the defined contributions section of OSPS (Investment Builder). For details please click here.

All new joiners before that date should be given the following forms:

Send the completed forms to us as soon as possible. We will then send the member an acknowledgment letter and scheme guide.

If a new employee does not wish to join they should complete an Election not to join OSPS (during first 3 months of service) (OPT1A) form (168kb) within the first three months. You can refund employee and employer contributions through the payroll in these circumstances. CARE members only

If you operate Salary Exchange you should make new members aware that contributions taken in this way cannot be refunded upon leaving (if applicable).

Cost plans

New members can choose their cost plan on Application to join (APP1) form (22kb) CARE members only. If they have come from the University or another college please contact us and check that they are on the correct cost plan. Members cannot change their cost plan in the middle of the scheme year.