Transfer and extra payments - for pre 1 October 2017 joiners

Transfers in

It is possible to transfer benefits into the new Investment Builder section of OSPS. Please refer to Legal and General for more details on Investment Builder.

If you would like to investigate a transfer, please complete form TVIN1 and return to the Pensions Office.

Please note that we can only accept transfers from investment-based (D/C) scheme, so transfers from LGPS, NHS and other public sector schemes are not possible.

Paying extra

You can pay in more than your normal contributions if you wish. These are called Additional Voluntary Contributions or AVCs. You can use AVCs to buy :

  • money purchase benefits (MPAVCs) run by the Prudential.

You can pay AVCs as a regular amount or as a lump sum or both.

Money Purchase Additional Voluntary Contributions (MPAVCs)

The maximum you can pay is your total salary less your other contributions, including AVCs paid to OSPS or other pension schemes.

You can pay a fixed amount or a percentage of your pay.

Prudential offer you a choice of funds with various levels of risk and you can choose where to invest your money. The money you invest could go up or down depending on the performance of the funds.

At retirement you can either bring your Prudential MPAVCs back into OSPS and purchase additional benefits or claim them separately.

MPAVCs can be transferred out separately to your main scheme benefits if you wish. You can do this even if you are an active member.

Please contact the Pensions Office if you want more information.


Between January 2013 and 31 March 2017, it was possible to purchase additional pension and lump sum in the CARE section. If you have one of these contracts please contact the Pension Office for more information.

Other limits

The government restricts the total amount of pension benefits you can build up each year without paying a tax charge. This is called the Annual Allowance. Please see the Government advice on Annual Allowance for more information.

Final Salary AVCs

Before 1 January 2013 it was possible to buy additional benefits in the final salary section. A few members still have these contracts and they are subject to different rules based on the date they started. If you have one of these contracts please contact the Pensions Office for more information.