Ill Health Cover

If you are no longer able to do your job due to ill health you may be entitled to an enhanced pension pot at any age. If you qualify for an ill-health pension the enhanced benefits will be your prospective employer contributions up to normal pension age based on your contribution rate and a return of your funds.

Ill health retirement

If you are too ill to do your current job or a financially comparable job until your SRD then you can apply to the Trustees for enhanced benefits.

The process is as follows:

  1. contact the Pensions Office for an application form;
  2. return the form to the Pensions Office giving details of a GP and consultant willing to provide medical evidence;
  3. we will contact your employer for your job description and confirmation that they support your application;
  4. we will obtain medical reports from your doctors and put your case to the trustees;
  5. finally we will let you and your employer know the decision.

If the application is agreed, you then need to follow the normal retirement process.

If your life expectancy is less than one year you might be able to claim your benefits as a single lump sum. This is called serious ill health commutation.