Benefits if you leave

You can choose between a transfer to another pension scheme and keeping your benefits in OSPS. You will leave the scheme if:

  • you leave your pensionable employment and do not rejoin OSPS within one month.
  • you no longer have a support staff role.
  • you choose to opt out of OSPS.
  • you reach age 75.


The benefits you can receive depend on the length of your qualifying service. For most people qualifying service is the same as the length of time they have been in the scheme. However, it might be different if you have been in the scheme before or have transferred benefits in.

If you have...

You can receive...

Up to one month qualifying service

A refund of your contributions

More than one month qualifying service

A refund of your contributions, or

A transfer of your contributions to another pension scheme

Nb Qualifying service will apply be from the date you receive your joiner letter.

Refund of contributions

If you choose to take a refund, we will pay out your contributions less short service refund tax (usually 20%).

Transfer of benefits

If you have been in the scheme for more than one month Legal & General will calculate a Transfer Value quote.

The transfer value is calculated using the unit prices on the day the quote is processed and when a transfer takes place the quote is not guaranteed and the amount is re-calculated as at the date the transfer is processed.

If you want to transfer your benefits to a new pension scheme you should contact them first and ask them about their transfer process. Not all pension schemes accept transfers.

Legal & General will not pay your benefits to another pension scheme until you and the new scheme have signed the appropriate paperwork.

Preserved benefits

This means that you can keep the benefits in the scheme until you either claim them or transfer them out to a new pension scheme. When you leave we will send you a statement of your preserved benefits. If you keep the benefits with OSPS you will get an update from Legal & General sent to you each year.


If you are old enough and are entitled to preserved benefits you could claim your benefits in most circumstances. Please see the Retirement section for more information.

Further information

For more information about what you can do with your benefits once you have left please see the Past members section.