Travel Insurance


18 July 2014: Insurance Renewal 2014-15

The University renews its insurance policies on 1 August each year. Please refer to the downloadable confirmation and summary of cover on the right of this page for details on the Travel Insurance policy for the new year. Please note, Emergency Contact details have not changed.

20 June 2013: EHIC Cards: Procedure for refusal of acceptance

There has been some mention in the media of hospitals/clinics' refusal to accept the EHIC Card in some participating EEC countries.

If an EHIC Card is refused as payment by a hospital - do not offer your credit/debit card as payment, but immediately contact the emergency provider, who will be able to provide the promise of payment or direct you to a hospital/clinic who will accept such proof of reciprocal arrangement. 

18 April 2013: Travel Insurance: New areas requiring referral

Due to their trade restriction policy, the University's broker has been prohibited from placing travel insurance for trips to:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • North Korea
  • Libya

If you or any colleagues are planning travel to any of these areas please contact the Insurance Team on telephone 01865 (6)16078 immediately, to enable us to place cover for you.

Due to the level of risk, please refer all travel to the following countries to the Insurance Team:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq


The Insurance Team can arrange travel insurance for any University employees, students and volunteers travelling on University business.

Travellers must comply with the Safety Office guidelines on Overseas Travel and Safety in Fieldwork.

The University Travel Requests page provides a quick way of getting travel and accommodation quotes from the University's travel agents.

Please note that special terms apply to travellers who are abroad for longer than a year. Please contact the Insurance Team for details.

If you are planning a trip or fieldwork, or you are a supervisor or expedition leader, the University Safety Office offers several training courses presented by qualified instructors:

The courses emphasize the practical application of the risk assessment and the planning process.

The University Occupational Health Service can advise on the health risks associated with travel to your field site/country.

For further information on how to arrange cover, please use the links below.