How to arrange insurance - Employees, Students and Volunteers

Attention travellers!

The travel insurance application process will soon be moving online. Please check this page for updates before completing future application forms.

The following procedure should be followed by staff, students and volunteers when planning a trip and applying for University travel insurance. Please contact the University Insurance Team if you have any queries.

  1. Plan the trip in accordance with the University Safety Office Overseas Travel and Safety in Fieldwork guidelines. Travel insurance cover depends on compliance with the advices given on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website
  2. Your trip and risk assessment (if applicable) need to be approved by your Department
  3. If University travel insurance is required, complete a Travel Insurance Application Form (April 2018) (67kb)
  4. Send your risk assessment (if applicable) and Travel Insurance Application Form to your Departmental Administrator for signature
  5. Administrator refers application to the Insurance Team if any of the referral criteria applies, in order to arrange cover.
  6. Administrator adds traveller details to a Monthly Departmental Travel Insurance Return (30kb) , which should be sent to the University Insurance Team at the end of each month
  7. In the right hand Menu the Traveller prints the documents Emergency Contacts, Information Sheet and Card (429kb) and 'Confirmation and Summary of cover' before travelling

Note: Travellers to countries within the EU should obtain the EH1C card for reciprocal healthcare arrangements. This card is valid for 5 years from receipt, and travellers are encouraged to check that their EH1C card covers their inclusive travel dates.