Travel Insurance Application and Travel Registration (TIRS) Project

Welcome Travel Administrators and Travel Managers to the TIRS project site.  This site will provide you with project updates and resources to support you in using the system and adapting your business processes.

 The TIRS project will provide the ability to:

  • Apply for insurance online 24/7

  • Manage applications online and provide status updates

  • Locate travellers in the event of a crisis


Message from the Chair of the University’s Security Subcommittee

University staff and students undertake many thousands of overseas trips per year on University business, many to high risk areas of the world.  The University has a statutory duty of care to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its staff and students whilst they are undertaking activities on behalf of the University. The information held in TIRS will enable the University to locate and contact travellers quickly and effectively in response to a crisis event (e.g. terrorist attack, hurricane, volcano, etc.) and provide the immediate support that staff and students working or studying overseas might require.

The University’s Security Subcommittee therefore strongly supports the use of TIRS for registering overseas travel for University business in all cases (even where University insurance is not being applied for) and urges departments to remind staff and students of the importance of registering their details.


The pilot completed successfully on 22 June. 

TIRS will rollout over the next six weeks as follows: 

Social Sciences, St Cross & Kellogg Colleges   25 June 2018
(Rollout in Progress)

GLAM, UAS, Continuing Education, and                  2 July 2018
Subsidiary Companies                                                

Medical Sciences                                                  9 July 2018 

MPLS                                                                  23 July 2018

Humanities                                                         30 July 2018

Click here for more information about the rollout and how to prepare.

* For Social Sciences, St Cross College and Kellogg College ONLY *

You are now able to use TIRS 

Travel Administrators & Travel Managers – For more information and links to the Travel Management System (MS Dynamics CRM), click here. 

Travellers – To apply for travel insurance or to register your travel details, click here.

Training and How to Guides

The training materials are now available click here.

We encourage you take the training as preparation for integrating the online system into your existing business process.

The How to guides are designed to help Travel Administrators and Travel Managers remember the steps for key tasks, such as “Workflow and Sending Email”, required to manage travel insurance applications and travel detail registration.

The how to guides are located under the resources section.


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