Frequently Asked Questions - TIRS

What is the Travel Insurance Application and Registration System (TIRS)?

The TIRS is a new online portal for submitting and processing travel insurance applications and registering travel details.

The TIRS has two purposes:

  1. Travellers will apply for their travel insurance online. Application details will be held centrally, for use when processing claims.

  2. Travellers will be able to register their travel details, even if they do not require University insurance. It is important that travellers always provide their travel details. The University will use the information in the system to locate and contact travellers who are in areas impacted by an incident such as:  terrorist attack, hurricane, volcano, etc.

What are the benefits of applying for travel insurance and/or registering details online?

There are three key benefits to moving the travel insurance application and registration process online:

  • Safety: The University needs to be able to locate and contact travellers in areas impacted by an incident so assistance and support can be offered to the traveller

  • Efficiency: The documentation for processing claims is centrally located and easily accessible by the Insurance Team

  • Convenience: Travellers will be able to manage updates to their travel plans online from anywhere in the world.

Do I need training to use the Travel Insurance Application System (TIRS)?

Submitting an application/registering your travel details:  No training is needed to submit an online travel insurance application or register your travel details. The online form is easy to use and includes instructions to guide the traveller as they complete their details.

Processing travel insurance applications:   All Travel Administrators will be required to take an online training course on how to route the online application through their department for the appropriate authorisation, before being granted access to the system. Travel Administrators will be invited to complete the training course during the rollout in June/July. This will take no more than one hour and can be completed at your desk.

Approving travel insurance applications:   Guidelines will be provided to Travel Managers to assist them in approving applications online.

How do I access the online travel insurance application form?

The travel insurance application form will soon move online. The form will be accessible from the existing Finance Division travel insurance application page when available:

Do travellers need Single Sign On (SSO) to access the online travel insurance application and to register travel details?

Yes, travellers will need Single Sign On (SSO) to access the online application form.

Can I complete an online travel insurance application form on behalf of somebody else?

Yes, you will be able to create an application on behalf of someone else.  You will logon to the TIRS system with your SSO and you will then complete the application on the traveller's behalf.

You, as well as the traveller will receive notifications as the application moves through the approval process.

How long can I continue to submit the paper Travel Insurance Application Form? 

You will not be able to submit the paper Travel Insurance Application Form after 30 September 2018.  After this date all applications must be made online.

Will I be able to delegate my responsibilities while I am on holiday?

Yes, you will be able to delegate while you are on holiday.  During the roll-out the project team will set up the accounts for primary and delegated Travel Administrators.

What are the Travel Administrator and Travel Manager roles? We do not have such roles in our department.

‘Travel Administrator' and 'Travel Manager' are roles assigned to staff to provide the appropriate access within the TIRS to process and approve applications.

Travel Administrator - this role reviews and checks that the travel insurance application meets the department requirements.

Travel Manager - this role reviews and approves or rejects the travel insurance application

Our department has multiple Travel Administrators, are we able to use a shared mailbox for receipt of notifications?

Yes, notifications can be delivered to a shared mailbox.  This is a setting on the departmental contact and is easily managed. 

Our department has multiple Travel Administrators, are we able to have notifications sent to a personal email address?

Yes, notifications can be delivered to a personal email address.  This is easily managed through CRM (where applications are managed).

Our department is very small, am I able to be both a Travel Administrator and Travel Manager?

Yes you will be able to perform both roles.

We have High Risk travel, are we able to include risk assessments?

Yes, your travellers will be able to upload up to five documents to support the application.  Departments are able to define which documents the traveller needs to upload.

How do I submit a trade sanctions questionnaire?

The system will recognise if a trade sanctions questionnaire is required.  If a trip meets the criteria, the traveller will be required to populate the questionnaire as part of the application process.

Does the new system have an impact on the existing travel insurance policy?

No, the insurance policy remains the same and a Summary of Cover is available on the travel insurance website.

My travel requires approval from my supervisor, how does this work with the online system?

We recommend that travellers create and save a travel insurance application.  This can then be printed/downloaded as a pdf and sent to the supervisor for approval. The email/approval can be attached in the Risk Assessment section on the Trip Tab of the application and then be submitted for approval.

Is TIRS GDPR compliant?

Yes, TIRS is GDPR compliant.  We are covered by the University privacy notice, a link to which can be found on the TIRS homescreen here.  Data and relating documents will not be stored longer than necessary.