University Hired Vehicles

The University can provide comprehensive insurance cover for all hired vehicles to be used on University business where the hiring company agrees that the University's motor insurance may be used. This meets with all mandatory requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

  • Vehicles hired to the University for more than 14 consecutive days are deemed to be part of the University's fleet, and as such must be reported to the Insurance Team immediately using the Vehicle Amendment Form (46kb) .
  • For vehicles hired for less than 14 days, notify the Insurance team using the Monthly Departmental Vehicle Hire Insurance Return (28kb) .
  • Members of staff and students driving with the permission of the Departmental Administrator or Head of Department are insured automatically.
  • The licence details of any persons with 6 points/endorsements or more must be referred to the Insurance Team before they drive any hired vehicle. It is recommended that Departmental Administrators keep photocopies of all eligible drivers' licences.
  • The details of any hired vehicle from the UK that is due to be driven abroad must be must be referred to the Insurance Team.

Use of Minibuses

Licence holders pre 1997

If you hold a UK driving licence before 1997 then you will automatically have the D1 category on your driving licence. This means that you can drive a minibus with up to 16 passengers (so a 17 seater including yourself).

Licence holders post 1997

If you hold a UK driving licence after 1997 then you will not automatically have the D1 category on your driving licence. Therefore you cannot drive a minibus even without passengers in the vehicle. You can drive a vehicle with 8 passengers or spare seats eg: (a 9 seater vehicle).  In order to obtain the D1 category on your licence additional driving tests must be undertaken. 

We strongly recommend that all drivers who drive University-owned or hire minibuses undergo the University minibus driver Training Course. Please contact the Insurance Team for details of how to arrange this.