Vehicle Claims

Use the following procedure in the event of a motor accident or claim:

1. Notify relevant parties

All incidents should be notified to the Departmental Administrator as soon as possible. The Insurance Team should be notified of the incident/loss as soon as possible by telephone or email. If you are using a hire vehicle, the hire company must be notified of the incident as soon as possible. All subsequent correspondence concerning the claim should be forwarded to the Insurance Team.

2. Complete claim form

Print out and complete the Vehicle Claim Form (127kb) and return it to the Insurance Team together with any supporting documents (witness statements, police reports, photographs etc.). The claim form must be completed and returned to the Insurance Team within 14 days of the incident for the claim to be considered.

3. Estimates (not required for hired vehicles)

Where possible vehicles should be taken to the University's approved repairer who will provide an estimate for repairs.  For details of the approved repairer, please contact the Insurance Team.

Where the approved repairer is not used a copy of the estimate for the repairs should be forwarded to the Insurance Team when received.

Where the estimated cost of repair is more than £1,000 the Insurance Team may arrange for an independent inspection. If necessary the estimate may be renegotiated or an alternative repairer appointed. The department will be kept informed of developments.

The Insurance Team will give approval to the repairer to go ahead with the repairs and will advise the department accordingly. Repairs must not be authorised by departments.

4. Settlement of claim

If the approved repairer is used, they will forward the invoice direct to the Insurance Team who will arrange payment and charge the excess to the department. If the approved repairer is not used the department will need to pay the invoice and forward a copy to the Insurance Team who will reimburse the department, net of the excess.

  • The standard excess on the motor policy is £500.
  • If the driver of the vehicle is under 25 years of age, or has held their licence for less than one year, the excess is £750.
  • The excess for damage to windscreen/glass is £100.
  • Claims are settled net of the excesses mentioned above.

5. Windscreen damage claims

In the event of windscreen damage please contact AUTOGLASS on 0800 363636 and quote ''Oxford Mutual Limited'' and Account Number 305118. All Invoices for repairs should be made out to Oxford Mutual Limited and sent for the attention of Anna Wright at the Hythe Bridge St address of the Insurance Team