Team Profile: Payroll

The Payroll team deal with all departments and divisions of the University and is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of all University salaries and wages. They also advise on employment tax matters, royalties, expenses and benefits, manage the University Relocation scheme and fulfil the University’s statutory payroll obligations.

The Payroll team operates two University payrolls: The main monthly payroll which includes payments to casual workers and the pension’s payroll. The Payroll team is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of over 12,000 staff, plus 2,000 casual workers and over 3,000 pensioners each month.

Team members

Charlie Morgan: Head of Payroll

Alison Coldstream: Payroll Operations Manager

Diane Brooks: Payroll Officer

Jo Taylor: Payroll Officer

Magda Koczan: Payroll Officer

Pauline Measor: Payroll Officer

Nazia Jamil: Payroll Officer (Maternity leave)

Tracy Gunnett: Payroll Officer

Tracy Roberts: Payroll and Systems Administrator

Roxie Price: Payroll Officer (Casual)

Martina Zagaria: Royalties and Status Officer

Jo Strutt: Payroll Officer (Casual)

Helene Sheridan: Relocation Scheme Officer