Pilot Programmes September to November 2015

Welcome to the Staff Engagement Pilot Programmes page. Here’re you’ll find information about the Pilot Programmes, Pilot Programme leads and information about working groups.


On Friday 4 December, the pilot leads and the Management Board representatives reconfirmed their committment to bringing genuine change about, in the light of the Staff Engagement Programme and the pilot programmes.  You can download the slides here:

On Wednesday 7 October, the three pilot leads presented their intial findings to the attendees of the Finance Briefing Group.  You can download the FBG October 2015 Staff Engagement pilot schemes (9,777kb)


The Finance Division within the University of Oxford is committed to creating a workplace in which everyone feels looked after, listened to, where everyone feels that they have opportunities created by them and for them, where they feel empowered and they have a voice in the things that matter to them.

However, the Staff Survey suggests that we’re not meeting this goal in some areas. The Management Board is giving staff the power to find solutions to the issues.  To make sure this system works, three pilot programmes are being run over the next few months. 

These are:

Our Development Menu

Training Academy

Working at Finance

Why are the pilots running?

We need constructive views on what needs to be changed and what works well.  The pilots, run confidentially by trained staff members, give everyone in the Division the chance to share their views and influence their workplace.

I’m interested, but what is involved?

You are welcome to get involved with more than one pilot. Each pilot will be run in a slightly different way, but all are confidential and focused on empowering staff members to identify the changes that would improve their working environment.  The aim of all the pilots is to minimise the time commitment to staff members, but to maximise the value of your input. 

Our Development Menu

Run by

Kevin Rodd

Focus on

Succession Planning

Kevin wants to hear from you if you have ideas about how we ensure that we all have the right set of skills and experience to enable us to grow, develop and have a successful career within the Finance Division or a finance role somewhere else within the University.

How to get involved

Kevin wants to speak to people individually and informally, to hear their thoughts on:

  • What skills and experience do you need in order to get your next job in Finance? (this could be same grade/different team, higher grade or another finance job within the University)  
  • What can Finance do, or continue to do, to help you get these skills and experience?

These conversations should last about twenty minutes.

Please get in touch with Kevin Rodd if you have any thoughts about how we can encourage staff development.

Training Academy

Run by

Klajdia Bullari

Focus on

Training options in the Division

In particular, Klajdia is interested in people’s thoughts on:

  1. Management Training: What makes a good manager and what training can be provided to achieve that?
  2. Professional Training: How can the Division support your Professional Training?
  3. Resilience Training: Is there sufficient information on how we can help staff deal with stress, conflicts, assertiveness and other character building training
  4. Role Related Training: What training do you need to be more effective in your current role?

How to get involved

We want to set up a working group of around 10-12 people to go through each of the training areas and discuss:

  • What we currently do
  • What we do well
  • What we can improve on
  • What do we not do at all

Klajdia will facilitating the session, would like to run two 90 minutes sessions around mid-September.

Please get in touch with Klajdia Bullari if you have any ideas about workplace training.

Working at Finance

Run by

Fiona Belardo

Focus on

Personal Development Review (PDR)

Fiona wants to hear from people to listen to their views on:

  • Whether it’s useful to set personal development goals?
  • What works well with the current process?
  • What could be changed?
  • How it can be tailored to fit individual’s needs?

How to get involved

If you have a view on PDR that you would like to share, you can take part either by

  • Joining a group discussion of 10-12 people or
  • Holding an individual, informal chat with Fiona Belardo

How to get involved

Please get in touch with Fiona Belardo if you have any comments about the PDR process.

What will the outcome be?

The pilot programmes aim to collect views and opinions. These will then be collated and presented to senior management, along with ways in which the changes can be made.  Senior management have guaranteed that this will be listened to and acted on.

For more information please see:

Staff engagement Programme


Engagement Programme

Since 2008, the Finance Division has carried out an annual staff survey which has been important in shaping our strategy. Following the 2015 survey earlier this year, we have completed a review of the last four years.

Overall, the staff satisfaction rates remain consistently high and for most topics we have seen an upward trend, but there are also a few key measures where further improvements are required.

To this end, and in line with our plans to proceed to the next level of the Investors in People accreditation, we have created an Engagement Programme for the next three years. The aim of this programme is:

“To create a workplace in which everyone feels looked after, listened to, where everyone feels that they have opportunities created by them and for them, where they feel empowered and they have a voice in the things that matter to them.”

These documents will give you an outline of what will happen in the coming months.

All of you will at some point during the next three years have an opportunity to be involved in the programme.

In September, three pilot programmes were launched.  Read more about them on the Pilot Programmes page.

In addition, the Staff Forum will play a key role in the consultation of all staff as part of the initiatives, and the Forum is currently looking for new members. More details can be found online or you can speak to Bridget Midwinter, who chairs the group.