Financial Systems Support Update 33

Financial Systems Support Centre News

On 3 September, Eleanor Draycott is leaving her role as the Financial Systems Customer Services Manager to move to a new role at Leeds Beckett University. We would like to thank her for her hard work over the last few years.

This month, we are delighted to welcome Douglas Simpson, who has joined the Financial Systems Customer Services team from Oxford’s Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine. Douglas joins Tim, Rima and Elisha in providing support for Oracle Financials and Sage. Paula Chambers, from the Finance Division, has also joined the team temporarily to support the New Supplier Request process and will be answering queries from the university’s suppliers and departments.

New Supplier Registration: an update

In the last update, we advised you that we were taking a number of steps to resolve the issues with the New Supplier Registration process, including adding additional resource to assist the Financial Systems Support Centre to work through the existing queries and to support our external suppliers, and a dedicated team in place to look at these improvements, fixes and updates.

We have a number of changes that are currently being tested thoroughly prior to being released shortly. This includes changes to the initial email sent out to University suppliers, adding branding and including important information to aid in the completion of the form, updates to the report to ensure real-time information is available regarding the status of setup and a fix to make it easier for suppliers to return to a draft version of their form. We will keep you aware of any updates during this process.

Oracle Financial login security: a reminder

As a reminder, Oracle Financials login details should never be shared with other members of staff. Sharing login details could result in your Oracle Financials account being locked and your access being removed. If you are unable to access Oracle Financials or you are missing a responsibility you believe you should have, please contact the Customer Services team via or on (2)84800.

Report: UO Purchasing to Payment (P2P)

The UO P2P Audit report has been updated with a new parameter that checks for 3- or 4-stage matches, where the same user has raised the requisition, approved and receipted (3-stage check) and then entered the invoice (4-stage check).  Departments using the central Payments team for invoice entry would only need to select the 3 stage check option.  Other departments may wish to run both versions.

Please enter your department name in the ‘Buyer’ parameter to ensure only the relevant transactions are returned. For further details of the report, please see the Reports Library.

Reports Devleopment List regularly updated

The Reports Development List [opens in Excel] is regularly updated with the main reports used by departments and their status in development.

How To documents updated

The How To guidance has been recently updated to improve the ease of finding the information you need and new documents added. This includes new Buyer How To documents and a new section for eTax guidance which includes guides from Account Receivables and Account Payables modules.

The How To guides are available for you to view online whilst you work or to print off as PDF copy.

Month end deadlines

  • By 5pm Friday 28 August 2015: complete the entry or approval of new purchase orders, requisitions, receipts and returns; complete inputting Accounts Payable invoices, credit notes and prepayments; raise sales invoices and credit notes in Accounts Receivable in order for these to be included in the August period.
  • By 1pm Wednesday 2 September 2015: submit and release all project journals in order for these expenditures to be included in the August period. Note that, for items being journalled on, off or between grants to hit the August period, the expenditure items must be dated 31 August or earlier. After 5pm, please do not post any further journals or transfers with an item date of 31 August or earlier until you have received notification that the Projects module has closed for the month. This will be communicated on the Oracle Financials login page, under the month-end updates heading.  

Top Tip: managing favourites in Oracle Financials

The Oracle Financials homepage contains links to commonly-used web pages, including the latest Support Updates and How To guidance.

As well as the standard web pages, you can add your own Favourite links and shortcuts to your mostly frequently used screens in Oracle by using the ‘Manage Additional Favourites’ button on the homepage. Step-by-step instructions are available to help you create these.