Department responsibilities

The Financial Regulations specify a number of responsibilities for which either the head of department or their unit administrator are responsible. These include ensuring that:

  • all staff within the unit are made aware of the regulations and of the consequences of failure to comply with them. Failure to comply by a responsible person may be subject to action under the University's disciplinary procedures.
  • An appropriate system of financial delegated authorities exists that ensures that funds received or spent are properly controlled, and their use monitored.
  • The unit submits correct and timely returns of information requested for the University's annual budgets and of legally required data to the Finance Division, for inclusion in the University's returns to bodies such as HM Revenue & Customs.
  • All internal and external audit recommendations approved by the Audit and Scrutiny Committee are completed by the agreed date.
  • Appropriate and adequate arrangements exist to safeguard all assets; that University policies, including the regulations and financial processes, are complied with; and that records are maintained in as complete and accurate a form as possible, with electronic data appropriately backed up using a secure mechanism. Please see the Departmental Document Retention Guidance document (230kb)
  • The Finance Division is supplied with any information necessary to ensure that the University complies with the Financial Memorandum and related guidance from HEFCE, by the dates published by the Director of Finance.
  • Internal management systems for the control of finance-related activity in their units are so designed as to allow adequate segregation of duties. Heads of unit must also ensure that access by staff using the University's business systems is restricted to roles and responsibilities appropriate to each user's role. The system roles and responsibilities allocated should provide clearly defined delegated authorities where necessary, and an appropriate balance of controls to prevent and detect errors. Heads of unit must ensure the requirements of the Managing Access to Oracle process are met.
  • In accordance with financial processes, adequate checks of financial transactions are made.