Part 4. Research Projects, Grants and Contracts

4.1 Research Projects

(1) All financial matters relating to research awards and contracts must be managed in accordance with the University's Managing Research Projects process.

(2) All applications to outside bodies for research funds must be submitted via RS. Every application of £20,000 or more will be reviewed under the framework for the acceptability of donations and research funding for a decision on whether its acceptance may breach the guidelines governing the acceptance of gifts by the University (which may involve a referral to the Committee to Review Donations). When it is the judgment of the Pro-Vice- Chancellor (Research) that acceptance of any funding may breach those guidelines he/she must refer the funding to that body for its consideration and decision.

(3) In terms of expenditure incurred on a research award or contract, heads of unit are responsible for ensuring that:

(a) all applications to outside bodies are prepared in accordance with University's Policy on the Costing and Pricing of Research (thereby complying with the Government's Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) Guidance and Full Economic Costing (FEC) Guidelines);

(b) the funds awarded by the research funder are sufficient to meet the financial commitments required under the award;

(c) wherever possible, budgetary units should recover the FEC of research undertaken and when it is not possible to recover FEC, units should consider the impact on the overall position of the unit;

(d) the unit has procedures in place to manage compliance with research funder terms and conditions on different awards, and maintains an adequate audit trail.

(4) The application of financial limits on the approval of expenditure on research awards should be made by reference to Table B above.

(5) RS is responsible for negotiating research and research-related contracts and grant conditions on behalf of the University.

(6) The accounting for all research projects undertaken by the University is overseen by Research Accounts in the Finance Division, which must also raise all invoices, claims and financial statements for externally funded research awards.

(7) Principal investigators are responsible to heads of units for ensuring that they comply with these regulations, and that research and expenditure are undertaken in compliance with the terms and conditions of each award funder.

4.2 Other Projects

All non-research building projects must be appraised, implemented, and monitored in accordance with the University's Financial Management of Building Projects process.