Part 5. Assets and Liabilities

5.1 Equipment and Stock

Each budgetary unit is responsible for the stewardship of, and must maintain a register of, all equipment as set out in the Managing Departmental Assets pages. 

5.2 Inventory

Where relevant, budgetary units are responsible for the stewardship, and must maintain an inventory of, all stock items as set out in the Inventory process.

5.3 Real Property Not Held as an Investment

(1) The purchase, leasing, or sale of all real property owned or leased by the University, which is not held as an investment, must be authorised by PRAC. In cases where the purchase, lease, or sale involves no more than £2,000,000 and is unrelated to a capital project, this authority has been delegated to the Property Management Subcommittee under Council Regulations 15 of 2002.

(2) All building works on such property require the prior permission of the Director of Estates.

(3) Section 4 of Statute XVI states that no allocation of a site, the area of which exceeds 1,000 square metres, or of a building, the overall floor area of which exceeds 600 square metres, may be made unless approved by resolution of the Congregation of the University.

5.4 Intellectual Property

(1) Brand

(a) The University is concerned to protect the expressions ‘Oxford University’ and ‘University of Oxford’ in relation to teaching and research, and the University's coat of arms (“the belted arms”). Oxford Limited—a wholly owned subsidiary of the University—is engaged in merchandising these expressions and the belted arms on a variety of articles for consumer markets.

(b) The Press uses the word ‘Oxford’ as a brand; and is protecting this use and the expression ‘Oxford University Press’ in the context of publishing services, published material and information services (in printed or electronic form). The Press must approve all licences of ‘Oxford’ and ‘Oxford University Press’ in that context.

(c) Further requirements are detailed in the University's Trade Mark and Domain Name Strategy.

(2) Other Intellectual Property

(a) The University claims ownership of various forms of intellectual property created by staff, students, visitors, and others, under Statute XVI: Part B.

(b) The arrangements for the reporting, protection and exploitation of this intellectual property, and for the sharing of exploitation revenues with researchers are set out in Council Regulations 7 of 2002.