Part 8. Ethical Behaviour

8.1 Ethics

University employees and others with responsibility for the administration or management of University funds must not use their authority or office for personal gain, and must always seek to uphold the ethical standards, and enhance the reputation, of the University.

8.2 Conflict of Interest

Employees and others who have responsibility for the administration or management of University funds are required to follow (1) the University's Policy on Conflict of Interest; and (2) the University's Procurement processes.

8.3 Personal Use of Assets

Assets belonging to, or leased or loaned to, the University (or otherwise provided to the University for University purposes) may not be removed for personal use without written approval from the head of unit.

8.4 Commercial Activities

(1) Unless the Director of Finance has approved an agreement in advance between the University and the persons concerned, in conformity with the Rules for the Letting of Functional Space, non-University commercial activities must not be carried out on University premises and University facilities must not be used for such activities.

(2) (a) Other than the use of an address in connection with an authorised outside appointment (where the use of the address does not imply any relationship between the activity and the University), departmental or institutional addresses (whether postal or e-mail) may not be used for non-University commercial activities.
(b)This regulation must be followed strictly even in situations where there is reason to believe that the University may sanction a spin-out company based on the activity in question.

8.5 Private Work by Departmental Staff for Other Departments

(1) When a member of staff, with the approval of his or her head of unit, undertakes private work for other budgetary units involving the use of facilities operated by the unit by which he or she is normally employed, proper invoices in respect of any charges which may be made for such work must be prepared, and submitted for approval and signature to the head of the unit by which the member of staff is ordinarily employed. Payment will be made through the University payroll unless a Schedule D tax reference for the trade has been obtained in writing from HM Revenue & Customs.

(2) Where heads of units allow private work to be carried out for other budgetary units, written rules should be drawn up and made readily accessible to all members of staff. The cost of any materials provided should be recovered, and care taken that safety procedures are observed.

8.6 Outside Appointments

Apart from CUF lecturers, all University employees must obtain approval for the holding of any outside appointment, and for conducting remunerated outside work on a self-employed basis, following the University's Regulations for the Holding of Outside Appointments and the Conduct of Outside Work (Council Regulations 5 of 2004).