Part 9. Legal Advice

(1) Subject to the authority of the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar as specified in regulation 1.5 (1) (b), and their ability to delegate this authority as specified in regulation 1.5 (1) (d), a decision to instruct external solicitors and/or Counsel must be taken jointly by LSO and the relevant head of unit. Where agreement cannot be reached, the Registrar will decide.

(2) Any taking or defence of court, tribunal, arbitration, adjudication or (formal) mediation proceedings must be approved by the Registrar, and managed:

(a) in the case of adjudication of construction disputes, by the Director of Estates;

(b) in the case of proceedings before Employment Tribunals, jointly by Personnel Services and the LSO;

(c) in all other cases, by the LSO, in consultation with the relevant head of unit.

(3) Documents relating to or threatening such proceedings must not be answered or acknowledged, but forwarded immediately on receipt to whichever is appropriate of the Director of Estates or the Director of Legal Services.