Personal Security

Personal safety of members of staff is paramount and should be considered at all times.

While smaller amounts of cash can be transported to the Cash Office by staff members, the cash level in transit and the method of transportation are entirely at the discretion and comfort of the member of staff.  The information below is intended as a ‘common sense guide’ to carrying cash, and is not designed to scare people, but simply to ensure that suitable consideration is given and precautions taken when carrying cash. The carrying of cash should be incorporated into your existing risk assessment that covers cash handling and storage within the department.

For information, the University’s Insurers specify that a single member of staff should carry no more than £2,500.00 whilst a minimum of two members of staff would be required to carry £2,500.00 to £5,000.00. However we certainly do not expect staff members to be carrying anywhere near these levels. Also, it should be noted that the Policy excess is currently £2,000.00.  

  1. Consider personal safety at all times.
  2. Be discreet/behave normally when carrying cash, and do not advertise the fact that you are doing so.
  3. Remain alert and avoid complacency and walk confidently. Do not wear personal headphones, which may reduce your awareness.
  4. Only carry sums you are comfortable with, or consider going in pairs.
  5. Avoid quiet footpaths, isolated alleys etc. – stick to busy routes where there are plenty of people around.
  6. Consider carrying a personal attack alarm. These will be available shortly from the Cash Office.
  7. Let colleagues know where you are going.
  8. Go directly to your destination with the cash – do not pop to the shops on the way.
  9. Consider using a reputable local taxi firm.
  10. Update your current risk assessment with regard to cash handling, to cover cash in transit.
  11. In the event of an incident, do not take any risks – surrender the cash immediately.
  12. Take advice from Security Services if you have any concerns.


Contact details

For further information about Cash Management, please contact:
Cashiers (University access only)