Making Payments

Note: Invoices are selected for payment when they are due under the agreed payment terms with the supplier. All credit notes will automatically default to immediate payment terms. Due invoices will NOT be selected for payment if they are on hold - to resolve invoice holds refer to open purchase orders and invoices on hold.

Note: The Payments team randomly spot check invoices processed, including invoices over £20,000. Please send a copy of all invoices over £20,000 to the Payments team. Where invoices are filed locally within the department, you will be asked to provide a copy of the invoice. Any query raised concerning the processing of the invoice could delay payment of the invoice.

Note: All invoices over £100,000 (including local currency equivalent) not matched to a Purchase Order must be authorised by Divisional Financial Controller in accordance with section 1.5 Authorisation Limits (Table B)

UK Payments

The main payment run for all UK payments takes place each Friday. Invoices received by the Payments Team by 5pm on Tuesday, or input locally within departments by 5pm on Wednesday, will be included in the weekly run if they are due for payment.

The majority of supplier and expenses payments are made by BACS electronic funds transfer directly into the recipient's account. A payment advice document is sent to the recipient for information only. Payments made by BACS will enter recipients' accounts the Wednesday following the payment run.

Overseas Payment

Supplier payments are made in UK pounds sterling (GBP) except where there are unavoidable operational reasons for a payment to be made in a foreign currency including where the recipient bank account will only accept payment in a particular currency.  Foreign currency payments, with the exception of certain US Dollar payments, are usually made weekly on Monday. Invoices received by the Payments Team by 5pm on Tuesday, or input locally within departments by 5pm on Friday, will be included in the weekly run if they are due for payment. Payment is made via Barclays Gateway and typically a payment will take 3-5 working days to arrive in a recipients' account.

Foreign cheque payments are no longer a valid payment option offered by the University (as of February 2016).  All payments overseas must be paid directly into a bank account. 

Recipients of overseas payments may not receive the exact same value into their bank account as the value that was sent from the University.  This can be due to currency exchange rates, the need for banks to convert our payment into the currency of the bank account or a handling fee by the recipient or intermediary banks.  Bank charges are not taken by the University's bankers and we have no prior knowledge of when a bank fee etc. will be incurred.  We advise that recipients are made aware that there is the potential that a bank fee may be incurred and therefore they may receive in the region of £20 (or equivalent) less into their bank account than the value of the claim/invoice they submit for reimbursement/payment.

Urgent/Same Day Payments

If you require a payment to be made outside of the weekly payment run cycle please contact the Payments Team to discuss the potential options available.  Please note payments outside of the weekly payment run cycle cannot be guaranteed and charges will apply to any urgent BACS transfer due to additional bank charges.

Completed paperwork must be provided to the Payments Supervisor no later than 11am on the day the payment is to be made in order to meet the processing deadline (in most circumstances delivery of original paperwork is required).

Expense Claims

The Payments Team inputs all expense claims into Oracle in accordance with the Expenses Process.

Direct Debits

Facilities exist for making regular payments via direct debit . For more information on making payments via this route, please contact Treasury.

Cash Payments

Facilities also exist for making cash cheque payments to individuals who do not have UK bank accounts but need to access the funds whilst in the UK.  Such payments are limited to £500 per cheque. Please alert a member of the Payments Team if you need to use this facility or mark the payment request clearly with a request for 'cash cheque'. 

Departmental finance staff will be informed when the cash cheque is ready for collection.  The recipient should collect the cheque from Hythe Bridge Street ensuring they bring their passport with them for proof of identification. 

Contact details

For further information, please contact:
Payments Team
Telephone: 01865 - (6) 16016