New Upload Processes

Payment Request Uploads

There is now a facility for departments to send multiple payment requests (10 or more) of a similar nature to the Central Payments Team via an excel spreadsheet template, instead of completing individual payment request forms (PRFs).  The requests must still meet the usual criteria for those typically submitted on payment request forms.

If you are interested in learning more about this facility please email for further information. 


Barclaycard Uploads

A new process is now available to submit monthly Barclaycard statements for processing to the Central Payments Team via email.  The new process requires the completion of an excel spreadsheet template and allows electronic copies of receipts to be submitted.  This replaces the traditional manually intensive route and is currently being rolled out to departments. 

For full guidance information and the related template please refer to the following: Barclaycard Process for Departments (57kb)Barclaycard Statement Template (121kb)

Alternatively please email for further information or any related queries.