Purchase to Pay

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Purchase to Pay describes the steps required to order, receive and pay for goods or services. The process has been written in support of the Purchasing Procedures and includes embedded controls.

Before you start

It is important that a genuine business need is identified before the purchase of any goods or services. 

Also consider if the goods or services are available within your department (e.g. from a store) or alternatively whether another department can supply through Internal Trade.

Before committing to a purchase the financial impact must also be fully understood, the funding identified and all necessary authorisations obtained.

Note: Purchasing Equipment

Equipment over £50,000 must be recorded as a fixed asset (see Fixed Asset Register).

Refer to Purchasing Equipment Over £100,000 for specific guidance before proceeding.

Segregation of Duties

No one member of University staff should complete all the steps of the Purchase to Pay process – this is a key financial control. For example, requisition preparation, approval and receipting, should be completed by a minimum of two people. If this is not possible, the UO Purchase to Pay Audit report should be used as a compensating control. For further advice contact the Financial Assurance Team.

Contact Details

For further information, please contact:
The Purchasing Department
Telephone: 01865 (6)16022

Version Control

2015: Process updated to improve navigation and supplementary guidance.
2013: Process updated inline with the R12 project changes. Previous versions are available on a request basis via finance.communications@admin.ox.ac.uk