Obtain Quotations or Tenders

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The number of quotations or tenders required and involvement of the Purchasing Department depend on the value (excl. VAT) of the purchase AND whether the supplier is preferred or contracted.

Note: Funding bodies may have specific terms and conditions relating to purchasing, and these should be verified when the award is made. Any such conditions must be applied in addition to the requirements of the Purchase to Pay process.

Check which process applies

Less than £1,000
Non preferred Supplier

Confirm the purchase price (verbally or in writing) ahead of placing an order with the supplier

£1,000 - £25,000
Non-Preferred Supplier

Obtain two or more written quotations from different suppliers on supplier headed paper or by email (including a clear specification) ahead of placing an order with the supplier

Less than £25,000
Preferred Supplier 

No requirement for quotations ahead of placing an order with the supplier (note: for ease, some Preferred Suppliers have electronic catalogues in the Oracle Financials iProcurement module)

£25,000 - £100,000
Non-Preferred or Non-Contracted Supplier

Department must conduct a full Tender Process ahead of placing an order with the supplier

£25,000 - £100,000
Preferred or Contracted Supplier

Department may follow the simplified process for obtaining tenders, when tenders are only sought from preferred and/or contracted suppliers

Over £100,000
Any Supplier 

A full tender process must be conducted by the University Purchasing Department ahead of placing an order with the supplier

Obtaining quotations

Refer to the Tender Process for purchases over £25,000.

Undertake research to establish suitable suppliers to invite to quote. Preferred Suppliers should be given preference; if there are no suitable preferred suppliers departments are encouraged to consider contracted suppliers or consult colleagues and the Purchasing Department for suggestions.

Appropriate suppliers may also be set up on Oracle Financials; however no specific checks, other than a basic identify check, are undertaken (unless the suppliers are also preferred). It is recommended that as a minimum you complete the checks set out in the Supplier Suitability Checklist (62kb)to confirm the supplier is suitable to undertake the work and conduct business with the University.

When inviting quotations, ask for these to be based on the University’s standard terms and conditions of purchase. A Request for Quotation template is also available to help you manage this process.