Methods of paying the University

BACS payments

University invoices issued via Oracle Financials must include the correct University bank details to enable customers to pay direct. In all other cases, please refer to the Cashiers' Office before supplying account details to customers.

Always stress that it is the payer's responsibility to quote suitable identifying information (e.g. invoice numbers) to enable the Cashiers to identify and allocate the payments promptly.

Note: All remittance advices must be sent to the Cashiers. Departments should not ask for them to be sent to an alternative address. Any that are received in departments should immediately be passed on to the Cashiers. 

The Cashiers should also be alerted of any funds expected where an invoice has not been issued via Oracle Financials.

Card payments

Please see the Cardholder Data Security Rules and Processes (500kb) and the Cardholder Data Security Policy (319kb) for more details.

Cheques and cash

The University accepts cheques in payment for goods and services. Wherever possible, cheques should be payable to the 'University of Oxford', although there is some leniancy with this view of the structure and complexity of the University.  Please refer to the Cash and Banking process, which also contains links to the relevant support documentation. Cash payments should always be actively discouraged and customers advised to pay by other methods (bank transfer, card payment, online or by phone, cheques or via the online store invoice payment option).  University invoices do not offer cash as a means of payment.  In addition, customers should never be directed to pay the cash directly into the University's account over the counter at a Barclays Branch, as they will find that the bank will not accept such payments.


For further information, please contact:
Credit Control (University access only) - with billing queries
Telephone: 01865 (6) 16003
Fax: 01865 (6) 16004

Cashiers (University access only) - with receipting queries
Telephone: 01865 (6) 16000
Fax: 01865 (6) 16001