Set Up Project

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All set up of departmental projects (including the set up of associated agreements and budgets) will be managed by the Finance Division, in discussion with the departments and divisions to understand their requirements.

Complete Departmental Project Setup form

DPF1 - Departmental Project Set-Up form (56kb) should be completed by the Departmental Administrator to ensure that the Finance Division is provided with all the information needed to set up the project on Oracle Financials. Help with how to use this form can be found in the DPF1 - User Guide (119kb)

For externally-funded departmental projects, a Departmental Project Customer Setup form (24kb) should also be completed by the Departmental Administrator and returned to Research Accounts so that the funder of the project can be set up on Oracle Financials. Documentation from the sponsor also needs to be provided before set-up and sent to Research Accounts along with the funder's Purchase Order reference.

Note: Requests to set up a departmental project which have not already been discussed with the Divisional Office will be referred back to the Departmental Administrator for further discussion to ensure that this is the best approach for that particular situation.

Validate set up

It is essential for departments to verify that the set up of the project is in line with their understanding and to liaise promptly with the Finance Division over any issues.

For guidance, refer to:

  • Checklist for New Award and Project
  • Review the Set-up and Activity on a Non-Research Award
  • Review the Set-up and Activity on a Non-Research Project

Staff Allocation

It is important that the cost allocation of any staff who are to be charged to the project, once it has been set up, is updated in CoreHR. Over the lifetime of the project, appropriate cost allocation changes will be required as and when new staff are to be charged to the project or leave the project. Contact your local HR Officer to manage this change.