Trusts Administration

About trust funds

How do trust funds arise and where are details of individual funds recorded?

Duties of trustees

What are the duties of the University when acting as trustee of a charitable trust fund?

Financial management of trust funds

What are the processes for investing, spending and accounting for trust funds appropriately?

Dealing with difficult provisions

What options are there if you are having difficulty complying with the terms of a trust?

Establishing new trust funds

What is the University's policy on establishing new trust funds?

Consolidating small funds

What is the University's policy on consolidating small trust funds?

University of Oxford Development Trust Fund

What is the role of OUDT in managing new donations for the collegiate University?

Trusts Management Board

What is the membership and remit of the Trusts Management Board?

Applying for awards through trust funds

Details of individual trust funds including how to apply for an award (centrally-managed funds only)

Frequently asked questions

The most commonly asked questions from those involved in the administration of trust funds

Glossary of trust terms

A comprehensive glossary of terms you will come across when dealing with trust funds