Facilities and Services Site Assistants

The team of six Graduate Accommodation, Facilities and Services Site Assistants, are based at your accommodation site.

Available to help with any queries regarding maintenance, health and safety, and security. They also carry out viewings and check you into and out of your accommodation.

You can reach them by mobile telephone or email between 8.30am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. During these hours, contact your Facilities and Services Site Assistant in the first instance with any enquiries or problems.

Out of hours, queries are dealt with by Security Services on (0)1865 (2) 72944.


Charlotte Hill
(working days Mon, Tue, Wed)

Tel: 01865 (2)86029
Mobile: 07766684889
Email: charlotte.hill@admin.ox.ac.uk


Alan Bullock Close, Court Place Gardens

Stephen Fraser
: 01865 724397                
Mobile: 07795963424
Email: stephen.fraser@admin.ox.ac.uk

Castle Mill

Malcolm Lafford
Castle Mill Block A, B, C, H, K, L
: 01865 (2) 86021            
Mobile: 07739823361
Email: malcolm.lafford@admin.ox.ac.uk 

Paul Fenwick
Castle Mill Block D, E, F, G, J

Tel: 01865 286023
Mobile: 07740 543 955
Email: paul.fenwick@admin.ox.ac.uk


Steve Merry
Cavalier Court, 32a Jack Straws Lane
: 01865 (2) 86027
Mobile: 07912998916
Email: stephen.merry@admin.ox.ac.uk

Summertown House


Chris Shelton
Tel: 01865 (2) 13663
Mobile: 07771914010
Email: chris.shelton@admin.ox.ac.uk


25 Wellington Square, Walton Street

Derrick Bloomfield
: 01865 (2) 70221
Mobile: 07766654702


38-40 Woodstock, 49 Banbury, 6 St Johns

Stephen Kelly
Tel: 01865 2 80923 
Email: graduate.accommodation@admin.ox.ac.uk


Graduate Accommodation Clerk of works

Shelly Rand
Tel: 01865 280923 (Office)
Email: graduate.accommodation@admin.ox.ac.uk