Leaving on the 31st July

Use the key drop facility

If you are vacating your accommodation 31 July 2015, you will not be required to make an appointment with your caretaker and there will be a key drop facility on site. (This may also apply on other days when large numbers of other students are also vacating their accommodation: the Graduate Accommodation Office will notify you if these alternative check-out arrangements are in operation on your chosen check-out day.)

Complete a Financial Information Form

Before you vacate the property you will need to fill out a Financial Information Form, which will be sent to you by the Graduate Accommodation Accounts Office, with the following information:

  • Your forwarding address and email address should we need to contact you regarding the returning of your deposit or any additional charges that may be been incurred
  • debit card details so that any money that may be owing to you can be returned (including the balance of your deposit, if any).

Clean and clear your accommodation

To ensure that the check-out process runs smoothly and efficiently for all tenants on the day you check out, we would be grateful if you could ensure that:

  • you are on time for your appointment
  • where possible your accommodation is completely clear of your personal belongings
  • where possible your accommodation is clean and ready for a new tenant to move into

Drop your keys in the site drop box

You will need to drop all keys for your accommodation into the key drop boxes provided before you vacate the accommodaiton. This includes your room/flat key as well as any front door, window, garage, laundry room, bike shed and common room keys you may hold. If you do not know the location of the key drop box for your site, please contact your caretaker.

Have your inventory and accommodation checked

Shortly after you vacate the accommodation, your caretaker will check that the accommodation has been left clean, tidy and free of damage, using the inventory that was provided to you at the commencement of your tenancy (which should have been counter-signed by you at the time). If you cannot find your inventory, please contact your caretaker for a copy.

Caretaker completes a check out form

Your Caretaker will complete a Check-Out Form recording any damage to the accommodation which isn’t listed on the inventory and any charges for additional cleaning required.  If you wish to see a copy of this completed form please contact the Graduate Accommodation Office.

For additional information please visit: Things to remember and Return of your deposit