Things to remember

  • Furniture, electrical items or medical supplies cannot be disposed of in the University’s bins.  If you need help finding a method of disposal please speak to your Caretaker.

  • If you abandon or discard any of your possessions in your accommodation or on the graduate housing site, we will deal with these in accordance with our Left Luggage policy.

  • We may need to show your flat to prospective tenants within the last two months of your Tenancy Agreement. We will notify you of the date and time of any such appointment 24 hours in advance. As set out in the tenancy.

  • Please return all parking permits to your Caretaker as they will not be valid once you have vacated your accommodation.

  • Any mail received by the Caretaker on site after you have vacated will be returned to sender. We recommend that you make arrangements for your mail to be redirected. 

  • We can provide references for a future Landlord or Letting Agency however you must email and provide your permission for us to release information about your tenancy to a third party.

  • If you wish to discuss your tenancy, your leaving arrangements or if you have any other queries, please contact the Graduate Accommodation Office on 01865 (2)80923 or send an email to