Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for applicants

Can I have parcels sent to my accommodation?

Please do not send any parcels to your accommodation as our caretakers cannot take delivery or sign for them.  Please send any parcels to your college.

If I move into accommodation can I transfer to another unit later?

Should you wish to transfer to alternative accommodation due to change of circumstance or you have been in University accommodation for more than a year, please contact the graduate housing team at

When my tenancy ends what happens?

We email all tenants towards the end of their tenancy with information about what options may be available, including extending your stay in your current unit or transferring to another unit.

Will I be able to park my car?

Limited parking is available on some of our sites once a parking permit has been obtained.  Parking permits can be obtained from the site Caretaker and are issued on a first come first served basis.  If you require further details or wish to apply for a parking permit please contact your Caretaker.

What is the inventory, and what do I have to do with it?

The inventory is a record of the condition of a property and its contents.  You will be asked to sign an inventory when you are checked in to your accommodation.  You should make sure that you note any damage to the property and its contents to protect your deposit.

Council Tax

At present those living in University accommodation do not pay Council Tax.


A deposit is payable at the time of booking the accommodation. The deposit, after deduction of terminal charges which may be due, will be refunded at the end of the tenancy.

Any deposit payment made by a third party on behalf of the tenant will be treated as a payment made by the tenant, and the balance (if any) of the deposit will be refunded to the tenant (and not the payer) at the end of the tenancy.

Housing Benefit

Students in receipt of, or eligible for, Housing Benefit can apply for University Accommodation. Contact: Benefits Office, St Aldates Chambers, St Aldates, Oxford Tel: (01865) 252849.

Relatives/Nannies/Au Pairs

When the tenant is a single parent or disabled they can make an application to the Accommodation Office to have a relative or carer sharing with them provided that the applicant can demonstrate that the family member or carer is carrying out caring duties for the tenant or children. Unless the tenant is a single parent/guardian of dependent children then we are afraid that a person coming to live with the family, such as a nanny or au pair, to care for children would not be permitted to live in this accommodation. This also applies to relatives who wish to stay on for anything other than short visits. At present visits of less than 7 days require no permission but longer visits require written consent from the Land Agent's and Accommodation Office. Please contact the Accommodation Office for further information.


Fixed term agreements are until the 31st July

Definition of family

A group comprising one or two STUDENT parents and their children or dependant of that family. Two non-related or related (by marriage including civil ceremonies) people who have long-term commitments to one another, and usually reside in the same dwelling place.

Definition of dependent

To qualify, a dependent child must be a birth child, a legal stepchild, or a foster child in your care. Dependents can be blood siblings, adopted siblings, or stepbrothers or stepsisters in your care. Descendants of any of these also qualify, provided you materially support them. A dependant must be under 18 at the start of the academic year for which you are wishing to have accommodation. A dependant is someone who is enrolled in full-time education, or anyone with a disability who is materially supported. The child must live with the applicant for more than half of the year and rely on their financial support for at least 6 months out of the year. Documentation may be required to support this.

Occupancy definition for couples accommodation

The following considerations will be taken when allocating properties:

1-bed flat - couple only, except Summertown House and Castle Mill which is available to couples with one child (only) aged under 2.

2-bedroom flats will be offered to families first. If there are any left they will then be offered to couples.

3-bedroom flats will only be offered to families with children


The University operates some pre-school nurseries and owns limited places in other private nurseries in Oxford. For information on childcare facilities in Oxford email: or visit For information on schools in Oxford visit Oxford City Council.

Children restrictions

Children are not allowed in any studio flat. One child aged under 2 is allowed in the 1-bedroom flats in Summertown House and Castle Mill. Brothers and sisters can share a room as long as the oldest child is aged 10 or under by the time the tenancy terminates.

Reference requests

Please contact the Accommodation Office.


It is a condition of the agreement that pets will not be admitted to student accommodation.

Sample tenancy agreement

sample tenancy agreement 2016 (455kb)


Smoking is not permitted in any University Graduate accommodation including common areas such as common rooms, laundries, gardens, and study rooms 


Subletting or lending of the flat or house, whether to a relative or not, is not permitted.


Tenants are required to purchase their own TV licence.