The Application process

Once received your application will be added to the relevant waiting list in preparation for the allocation process.

The application process for accommodation starting in Michaelmas 2019 will open at 00:00 on Monday 18 February 2019. 

Check your eligibility

The Graduate Accommodation Office provides accommodation for full-time graduate students. Unfortunately we are unable to provide accommodation to academic visitors, visiting students, staff members and the general public, however if you fall into any of these categories you will find some useful links here. Full details of our qualifying criteria can be found here: Qualifying criteria (223kb)  

The colleges that make up Oxford University have their own accommodation; some will be able to provide their graduate students with accommodation and others will not. If your college offers you accommodation that meets your needs we strongly advise you to accept it, but if your college cannot offer you accommodation, we will do our best to help you. 

Complete an application form

Applications are now open for accommodation for the academic year 2019-20. 

To be added to the waiting list for this accommodation, please complete the application form

Due to the shortage of single graduate accommodation in Oxford, we will be prioritising graduate freshers for this accommodation. 

In order to prioritise freshers, the singles waiting list will be organised in three tiers:

-           Tier 1 (first priority) – Overseas graduate freshers

-           Tier 2 (second priority) – UK graduate freshers

-           Tier 3 (third priority) – Returning graduate students, and students who have previously undertaken a degree in Oxford.

Returning students will only be allocated accommodation in the case that there are no freshers remaining on the waiting list, and so it would be advisable to look into alternative accommodation sources, as we may not be able to confirm whether you have been allocated accommodation until later in the year.

The couples accommodation waiting list is not subject to the same tiered system, and applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis. 

We aim to begin the allocations process for both singles and couples accommodation in April 2019, and will be in touch at the point that we reach you on the waiting list.

If you require accommodation starting before August 2019, please contact us at for availability.   

Receive notification of your allocated accommodation

Once you have registered with the Graduate Accommodation Office and notified us of the type and location of the accommodation you are interested in we will do our best to allocate you suitable accommodation, subject to availability and taking your preferences into consideration.

Once we have reached your application on the waiting list, we will email you with the details of the accommodation, that we have been able to allocate to you.

If you decline the initial offer you will be offered a second property, subject to availability. If you decline your second offer we cannot guarantee we will be able to make you another offer. 

A formal offer is made via email

Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the allocated accommodation, we will reserve it for you. We will then email you a formal offer letter detailing the address, the monthly rent and the opening account balance. We will also attach a copy of a Sample tenancy agreement 2018-19 (541kb), the Graduate Accommodation Handbook and property EPC where applicable.

Please read your offer letter and any attached documents carefully. In order to accept your offer you will need to pay the opening balance within seven days. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold the accommodation after this time.

You will be required to enter into a Tenancy Agreement before you are able to occupy your accommodation.

Arrange a viewing

There may be an opportunity to view the property but this will be dependent upon access to the space itself as it may be occupied by another tenant and the availability of Graduate Accommodation staff and yourself. Additional information on the properties and sites are available on the website.

Pay your opening balance to secure your property

Find out about payment options.

Sign your Tenancy Agreement and check in

Click here for information regarding the checking in procedure