Connecting to the Internet

Wi-Fi internet access is provided at all accommodation sites, except for the Court Place Gardens Houses.  Residents in the Court Place Houses will need to arrange their own private internet contract.    

How to connect

Internet access is provided via a router. In order to connect to the Wi-Fi using this router, you will need to have your IT Services Remote Access username and password, as all network traffic will then be logged against your username for audit purposes. By connecting to the service you agree to abide by all relevant law, rules and regulations, further information can be found here:  

To connect, please follow these instructions: Wifi Setup Guide (394kb)

Before you begin

What you will need

  1. An Eduroam WiFi/VPN account (also known as a Remote Access account) see This uses the same username as your Oxford SSO account. For security, use a different password to your Oxford SSO account.
  2. A cable router.
  3. A mains power adapter.
  4. 1 or more network cable(s).

Can’t connect?

Please report this to the Graduate Accommodation Office – 01865 280923 /