Single accommodation – as heading

Published: 06 Apr 17     Category: News

Living Out Talks

Published: 26 Jan 17     Category: News
Castle Mill common room will be hosting two Living Out Talks, open to all students.

Strong first year for Castle Mill shared bikes

Published: 25 Jan 17     Category: News
The graduate accommodation team is celebrating a successful 2016 for the communal bike scheme at Castle Mill.

New graduate accommodation in Marston

Published: 30 Nov 16     Category: News
We have just acquired a new development in Marston which is located roughly 3 miles from Oxford city centre, it is a popular location for those requiring access to both the city centre and the hospitals and also hosts a number of the colleges’ sports fields just off the Marston road.

Tea, cake and lucky dip at Summertown House!

Published: 23 Nov 16     Category: News
After the success of the recent meet-and-greet event at the Blavatnik, the Graduate Accommodation team held another get-together on Saturday – a tea party at Summertown House Mansion, aimed at graduate students with young children. It was great to see so many families come along – not just from Summertown House, but also from Alan Bullock Close and Court Place Gardens.

Welcoming graduate students to Oxford

Published: 28 Oct 16     Category: News
The Graduate Accommodation team held a successful welcome reception for their graduate students on October 21.

Summertown House Play Park

Published: 11 Jul 16     Category: News
To celebrate the newly refurbished Summertown House Play Park, Graduate Accommodation invited a photographer and a face painter along to their event on Friday 1 July.

Recycling at Castle Mill boosts charity campaign

Published: 20 Nov 15     Category: News
A trial of the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) ‘Pack for Good’ campaign, which collects unwanted student belongings to stock their second-hand shops or to be recycled, has proved a great success at Castle Mill.

Castle Mill tenants trial charity recycling campaign

Published: 08 Jul 15     Category: News
The Graduate Accommodation Office (GAO) is working with the British Heart Foundation to trial a recycling service for unwanted student belongings at the end of their tenancy agreement.

Single Accommodation available Summertown House

Published: 25 Nov 16     Category: News
We have a single studio available from 5 December at Summertown House. This is available on a fixed-term tenancy until 31 July 2017, and is £678.59 per month, which includes all utilities except for electric. The studio has private kitchen and bathroom facilities, and is on the second floor facing the oval.