Graduate Supervision System

The Graduate Supervision System (GSS) is used by supervisors each term to review, monitor and comment on their students' academic progress and to assess skills and training needs. Students are given the opportunity to contribute by commenting on their own academic progress.

GSS Reporting Windows


Opens Monday Week 6 of term: 23 February 2015

Closes Friday Week 7 of term: 6 March 2015


Opens Monday Week 8 of term: 9 March 2015

Closes (Medical Sciences Division only) Friday Week 11 of term: 3 April 2015

Closes (all other Divisions) Friday Week 1 of following term: 1 May 2015

Directors of Graduate Studies

Opens Monday Week 10 of term: 23 March 2015

Closes Friday Week 5 of following term: 20 February 2015 (for MT14 reporting) and 29 May 2015 (for HT15 reporting)

 Students will receive a report of their termly supervision from their supervisor. Supervision reporting is controlled by a timetable with automatic email notifications and reminders. Submitted reports are immediately available to the student, supervisor and DGS for review. Additionally, subject administrators, college advisors, college administrators and scholarship and funding administrators are able to view reports.

Each divisional Code of Practice for Supervision of research students offers guidance on the maximum number of students that should be supervised by each supervisor, the typical number of meetings per term between supervisor and supervisee, and policies for support for new supervisors: