Report content

What information should be provided by the student?

Training received during the previous term:

Students should briefly describe which subject-specific research skills and more general personal/professional skills they have acquired or developed during the current term, and how they have acquired/developed these skills (e.g. by attending classes or a course, by means of a one-to-one session with their supervisor or another academic etc.). They should include attendance at relevant classes which form part of their programme of study, e.g. classes on research methodology, palaeography etc. They should also include courses, seminars or workshops offered or arranged by the faculty, e.g. how to teach undergraduates, how to give a presentation, getting published etc, and courses offered by IT Services, OULS, the Language Centre etc.

Training required during the coming term:

Students should reflect on plans for the next term and the skills required to undertake the work which they intend to carry out. If they do not already have the necessary skills or feel that they might benefit from undertaking some training to strengthen their skills, then this should be mentioned here.

Academic progress:

Students on taught postgraduate courses should review their progress during the current term, and measure this progress against the timetable and requirements for their programme of study, paying particular attention to deadlines for the approval of options, essay titles and/or dissertation titles, the submission of material for assessment, and qualifying tests or examinations (as outlined in the Graduate Handbook) which form part of the programme of study.

Students on doctoral programmes should reflect on the progress made with their research project during the current term, including written work (e.g. drafts of chapters) and should assess this against the plan of research which has been agreed, including milestones and timetables such as transfer and confirmation of status. If the student has any concerns about their progress they should mention this here although students are strongly reminded that they do not need to wait until a report is due for submission before raising concerns.

What information should NOT be provided by the student?

If a student has any complaints about the supervision which they are receiving they should raise the matter with their Director of Graduate Studies. They should not use the supervision reporting system as a mechanism for complaints. The University's complaints procedure can be found on the Student Gateway.

Within the report template there is a drop-down box which allows you to note any concerns you may have about your progress.  Concerns flagged here should only refer to areas where you have encountered difficulties which have either affected your academic progress during this term and/or may impact upon the final outcome of your work.  Any concerns you may have over the supervision you are receiving should in the first instance be raised with your Director of Graduate Studies or your college‚Äôs Graduate Tutor.  Support is also available from the independent and confidential Student Advice Service.

What are the maximum number of characters that can be entered into the text boxes?

The Main Report text box has a maximum character set of 4,000 (including spaces). The Training Received and Training Required text boxes have a maximum of 1,000 characters (including spaces).

What happens when the Save Report button is clicked?

The report will be saved on GSS but not submitted. The report may be edited and will not be available to others until it has been submitted.

What happens when the Submit Report button is clicked?

The report will be submitted on GSS. Your report will be accessible by your supervisor, Director of Graduate Studies, college advisor, and appropriate academic administrators. No further amendments can be made to the student report.

Can I copy and paste information from another document or application into GSS?

It is possible to use the normal browser copy and paste function, for example from MS Word. However, any formatting including tabs, tables or font styles will not be retained when copied into GSS. GSS does not allow the use of SuperScript, SubScript or Greek characters. GSS does not spell check reports. It is advised that reports be composed and spell checked in a word processing application then copied and pasted into GSS. Alternatively, the Firefox browser has a built-in spell check function and can be downloaded from the Mozilla website.

Can a report be edited and comments dated?

Reports can only be edited by the author of the report prior to submission (reports that contain inappropriate content will be removed in whole from GSS). GSS does not date stamp comments that are inputted. It is suggested that the DGS preface their comments with the date of entry.

Does the system timeout when entering report data into GSS?

There is a 60-minute inactivity timeout. Activity includes login, clicking GSS navigation links or tabs and clicking the save or submit button. The internet browser window will auto-refresh after the 60-minute session has timed out.

Tip: Note the 'time remaining' indicator in the left column of your screen, and use it as a reminder to save your draft report in good time. If you inadvertently run out of time you should close GSS and login afresh in order to regain full functionality of the system.

What happens to the reports?

Once the student has completed their sections of the online form, the form will be released to their supervisor(s) for completion. When the supervisor's sections are completed, the relevant Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) will be able to view the report, as well as the college advisor. DGSs are responsible for ensuring that appropriate supervision takes place, and this is one of the mechanisms they use to obtain information about supervision. College advisors are a source of support and advice to students, and it is therefore important that they are informed of a student's progress, including concerns (expressed by either the student or the supervisor).

What is the 'Upload File' button used for?

The 'Upload File' button is only to be used by MPLS students for the purpose of uploading their Preparing for Transfer of Status form or by Social Sciences students for the purpose of uploading Skills Review/Training Needs Analysis forms. This facility should not be used by students from other divisions, and should not be used to upload other types of documents.

I have missed the student reporting window.

There are no extensions to the student reporting window. However, if you miss the reporting window's deadline you are advised to contact your supervisor and request that they include your comments within their supervision report.