Timelines and reminders

When does the reporting week start?

The reporting window opens for Students at the start of Week 6, the reporting window for Supervisors at the beginning of Week 8 and DGSs can submit comments from the beginning of Week 10.


Will there be automatic email reminders sent to Students, Supervisors and DGSs?

Automatic emails will be sent first to inform Students and Supervisors that their reporting period is open. Students who have not submitted a report will be reminded at the beginning of Week 7 that the Student Reporting Period will close on the Friday of Week 7. Supervisors will receive periodic reminders, as set by their Subject Administrator, if they have not completed a supervision report for a Student. DGSs will be informed when their reviewing window is open and all DGSs who are yet to review a report will be reminded 2 weeks prior to their window closing.

Can reports by Students or Supervisors be submitted earlier than the published schedule?

The reporting period for Students is from Week 6 through to the end of Week 7 and for Supervisors from Week 8 through to the end of Week 1 the following term. It is not possible to submit a report prior to these times and once the reporting window is closed it is not possible to enter a report for that term.

I have missed the Student Reporting Window.

There are no extensions to the Student Reporting window. However, if you miss the reporting window's deadline you are advised to contact your Supervisor and request that they include your comments within their Supervisor report.