Known issues

Detailed below are known errors and issues which appear in OPENdoor. Where a workaround to the error is available this is also detailed.

Known errors are those which are long standing and will either take a significant amount of time to resolve or which, due to the upcoming replacement of OPENdoor are uneconomic to fix.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding either the issues themselves or the workarounds please contact the OPENdoor Support Centre on 01865 2-87900 or email

Date address changed

There is an issue whereby anyone who moved into their current address before 2007 has a date address changed of 14/12/2006, this issue arose during the implementation of the payroll system.

National Insurance calculations in forecasting

The way that National Insurance (NI) is calculated changed last year to include a 4th tax band, as a result there are some minor discrepacancies in the way that NI is calculated in OPENdoor. This only effects the forecasting section as this is the only area of OPENdoor that still uses the NI calculations within the system.

‘New starters’ and ‘transfers between roles’ have not been updated in OPENdoor since 27 July 2012.  

This affects users of the absence screens and the training module. 

PLEASE NOTE: it does not affect wider personnel reporting as this is now provided via CoreHR, nor does it affect the financial data shown in the payroll costing report.  It is however, the cause behind gaps in the personnel related data in the payroll costing report for new starters and transfers since 27.7.12.

It is not possible for users to run payroll costing reports against department codes created since 1 August 2012.

Due to technical constraints, changes to the organisation structure can no longer be made in OPENdoor.  Where OPENdoor users require access to payroll costing data for a department code created since 1 August 2012, please email stating the department codes required in the reports and we will run the payroll costing reports on your behalf.