Oxford University Museums Board

Since its constitution in 2012, the Oxford University Museums Board has been responsible to Council for the delivery of the University's strategic plan insofar as it refers to museums and the Botanic Garden and for the fulfilment of the University's vision for these institutions, including oversight of teaching and research, collections care (including reviews and inspections), delivery of shared services, cross-museum policies, and advocacy on behalf of the University museums and the Botanic Garden.

This website provides University staff with access to the OUMB's unreserved agenda, papers, and minutes. It also provides access to recent past agenda, papers and minutes of the committee that reported to Council on the University’s collections prior to 2012.

The University's Regulations for individual museums and collections may be found at the relevant subsection of the statutes and regulations list.

From 2002 until Michaelmas Term 2012, the Committee for the Museums and Scientific Collections (CMSC) advised Council on matters connected with the University's museums and scientific collections, including the Botanic Garden.

The OUMB is constituted (as was its predecessor) under Part 25 of Council Regulations 15 of 2002.

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