The University of Oxford Security Services - CCTV system

A report commissioned by the British Security Institute indicated there were as many as 5.9 million CCTV cameras across the UK.  Public consent makes the widespread use of CCTV possible, however the public do need to be confident that CCTV systems are being operated in accordance with the law and regulations.

The University of Oxford Security Services Department (OUSS) operates a CCTV system comprising of over 100 cameras positioned strategically across the University estate. The aim of the OUSS CCTV system is to prevent and detect crime and support a safe environment for staff, students and visitors.

The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 saw the appointment of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) whose role it was to develop a National Surveillance Camera Strategy and promote the Surveillance Camera Codes of Practice 2013 detailing 12 guiding principles for CCTV operators. The 12 principles encourage CCTV operators to carry out regular audits; provide staff training; demonstrate that systems are effective and processes are transparent, that cameras are deployed for a legitimate reason and to address a pressing need. OUSS are currently seeking to achieve a voluntary accreditation against the SCC Codes of Practice.

OUSS has recently published a new CCTV Codes of Practice, Codes of Practice - OUSS CCTV 2018-19 v1 (301kb) and adopted some new procedures to reflect the SCC 12 guiding principles

A Privacy Impact Assessment has been developed for the OUSS CCTV system. CCTV Privacy Impact assessment 2018 (549kb)

The OUSS CCTV system is the subject of an annual review and the Annual Report is produced by the Operations Manager. CCTV Annual Report V3 (003) Signed (68kb)