Safety at work

Guarding against theft

  • Don’t bring items to work that are irreplaceable or have emotional value
  • Don’t leave wallets, purses or mobile phones in unlocked drawers, unattended suit/coat pockets – these are easy targets
  • Pull blinds closed at night if your office is facing the street

Computer security

  • If you walk away from your desk, always lock your computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Keys and Access Control Cards

If you have responsibility for issuing these in your office:

  • Make sure they are numbered and signed for when issued
  • At least annually, ask staff to produce the key(s) that they were originally issued
  • Issue master keys only when absolutely necessary
  • Contractors and cleaners should sign keys 'in' and 'out' on a daily basis.  If this is impractical, consider purchasing an automated key control cabinet.
  • Carry out a regular audit on University access cards, if a person leaves a department remember to delete them from the system.