Customer Service

Service delivery and quality

Our standards for service delivery and quality of customer service can be found here

Engagement and consultation

We constantly strive to ensure the services we provide meet the needs of our customers. Please see the Security Liaison Officer section of this website for details about the SLO network, and how we work with them.

Our Customer Stakeholder Group is a recent addition to our calendar. 

Below are the minutes from the first meeting of this group. 

Customer Stakeholder Group minutes 11 October 2016 (327kb)
Customer Stakeholder Group minutes 14 October 2015 (225kb)
Customer Stakeholder Group minutes 25 August 2015 (204kb)

Over the past year we have made a number of improvements as a result of engaging with customers, analysing complaints and feedback, and measuring our performance. These are summarised in this document. Security Services improvement actions 2016 (374kb)

Each year we conduct a survey to measure satisfaction among customers and performance against our values. You can find the results from the latest survey here


We respect that where information is provided to us we have a responsibility to ensure confidentiality and all staff have completed information security training. The University policy on information security can be found here.

Information on the Data Protection Act 1998 and University compliance can be found here.

As well as our assurances that data and information will be protected at all times, we also guarantee your privacy in face to face meetings. We have private meeting rooms available at the Old Observatory should you require a confidential discussion.

Fair treatment

We are committed to treating customers fairly at all times and we work within all University policies relating to equality, diversity and equal opportunities. Further information about University policies can be found here.