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Alarm Monitoring

From the Security Centre based at the Old Observatory, the Security Services team monitors alarms for over 160 buildings. These include fire, intruder, personal attack and environmental alarms.

The Security Services team responds to an alarm activation by attending the property, contacting key holders and summoning the emergency services when necessary. It is essential that departments keep Security Services fully updated with any changes to key holder information.

CCTV Monitoring

The Security Services team operates a comprehensive CCTV system, which monitors and records images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year from a centralised control room. Many University Departments also run additional and independent CCTV camera systems.

The majority of our CCTV cameras monitor external areas across the University estate. Their purpose is to prevent and detect crime for the safety of the University’s staff, students and visitors.

The Security Services team works in partnership with the local police, local authority and other enforcement agencies. Our partners can access live CCTV footage directly from our control room, enabling a fast and effective response to any incident requiring additional emergency resources.


Uniformed Security Services officers operate foot and vehicle patrols across the University to provide both a visible deterrent and an incident response capability. The officers are available to support and assist staff, students and visitors concerned about any safety or security issues.

Crime Reduction Advice

Our Crime Reduction Adviser delivers initiatives aimed at improving personal safety, provides advice about securing personal property and helps to support victims of crime.

Crime Prevention Design Advice

Our Crime Prevention Design Advisers can help with improving the security of all buildings and sites and designing out the opportunity for crime. They carry out full security surveys and provide advice and support for all aspects of crime prevention. 

Key holding

The Security Services team provides an accountable and secure storage system for the keys that they hold on behalf of departments. This enables Security Services patrol officers to respond to all emergency situations that are reported or detected by monitoring systems and to provide other services.

Fire Alarms

If a fire alarm is activated, OUSS will investigate the reason for the alarm activation and liaise with the Fire Service units despatched to the scene.

If the incident is of a minor nature, the nominated key holder for the building is informed of the circumstances by email. If a more serious situation arises the nominated key holder is contacted by phone immediately.

At the conclusion of the incident, the Security Services team undertakes the necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the premises, including resetting the alarm system.               

Intruder Alarms

The team attends all reports of crime or intruder alarm activations, unless notified by the occupants that an accidental activation has occurred.

They also investigate the circumstances of the incident and contact the police in appropriate cases. If a crime has been committed the nominated key holder of the building is contacted and requested to attend the scene.

Security Services reports the details of any necessary repairs to the Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) and resets the alarm system.

Locking and Unlocking Service

Security Services visit and lock up in accordance with customers’ instructions.  

Any persons found inside the building will be asked to leave and once the building has been checked all alarms are set and the building will be locked.

Details of any minor security related problems are emailed to the Administrator.

Lone worker protection

The Security Services team provides a flexible monitoring service to protect lone workers. This can be tailored to the needs of the department or individual. Contact us to discuss your lone worker requirements or concerns.

Personnel Security

Personnel security (vetting and screening) provides assurance as to the trustworthiness, identity, integrity and reliability of employees, visitors, contractors and temporary staff.

Personnel Services publish advice, guidance and regulations on pre-employment screening processes and procedures which can be found at:


Security Services provide a range of screening solutions for University departments, colleges and other University related organisations including:

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Formerly known as the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau), the role of the DBS is to help employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups. More information on the DBS can be found at: ´╗┐www.gov.uk/dbs

DBS checks should be carried out for certain posts involving regulated activity with children under the age of 18 or adults who are vulnerable. Further details on these requirements are available at:


Security Services are able to offer advice and guidance on which types of post are eligible for DBS checks, as well as guidance on processing and submitting completed applications.

Disclosure Scotland

Working through Disclosure Scotland, Security Services coordinate screening for University posts when confirmation of identity and criminal record is required but a DBS check is not applicable.

Disclosure Scotland is an external agency that carries out basic UK criminal record checks and discloses information relating to any unspent criminal convictions recorded on central records.

University Enhanced Level Screening

Working with our external contractor, Security Services provide a bespoke enhanced screening service to meet the needs of departments and colleges.  In certain posts this enhanced level is a mandatory requirement and details of these can be found at:


Overseas Criminal Records Checks

The University of Oxford is a cosmopolitan place of work, attracting staff from all around the world.  Security Services offer an overseas criminal record checking service for overseas applicants who are unlikely to have any historical data on the UK criminal records database.  This is often easier to achieve before the applicant comes to the UK so please contact us for early advice.

Departmental screening policy

Any personnel vetting and screening system can only provide a snapshot in time and a holistic approach to the whole issue of personnel security should be applied.  Screening should be fair, transparent, proportionate and carried out in line with the University guidance on pre-employment screening and Data Protection principles.  Departments may wish to provide local guidance detailing who is responsible for the different functions, how these will be authorised and who is ultimately responsible for the appointment of staff.

Security Services can provide advice and guidance on producing a departmental screening policy and establishing effective security controls.

Contact us

To contact the OUSS Vetting and Screening team please e-mail screening@admin.ox.ac.uk or phone 01865 (2)82152

VIP Visits

Security Services offer first-rate security and safety cover for all University VIP visits. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Car Parking Enforcement

Security Services are the authorised operator of the University-controlled car parking scheme. The team is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of both departmental and non-departmental spaces within the University estate. 

Further information is available here.

Scale of Charges

Security Services Scale of Charges (247kb)