Report an incident

  PLEASE NOTE:  Are you reporting an incident:

  • that is currently taking place?
  • in which someone has been injured or is in possible danger?
  • where physical evidence of the incident exists?
  • that did not take place on land owned by the University?

  If your answer to ANY of the questions above is YES:

  • Immediately report the incident to Thames Valley Police by calling 999 or 101
  • Contact Security Services on 01865 289999 or 01865 272944.

Please complete and submit this form to:

  • Report the details of non-emergency incidents that have taken place on land and property owned by Oxford University, including all colleges
  • Provide information to University Security Services.

 All reports will be treated in strict confidence.

Part 1: Information regarding the crime/incident

Please provide as much detail as possible, including the exact location of the offence. Was anyone seen to commit the crime/incident? Where was the property eg in a bag carried on my shoulder, in the boot of a car, inside my locker etc.
Description may include gender, ethnicity, height, body-type, hair-type, distinguishing features - tattoos, glasses, facial hair and clothing details.

Part 2: Crime/incident details

On, or between which dates, do you think the crime/incident took place? If you know the exact date use the first box only
At or between what times do you think the crime/incident took place? If you know the exact time, use the first box only.
Please enter in 24hr HH:MM format.
For example:
  • Inside a premises:
    The Old Observatory, South Parks Road, Oxford
  • In a street:
    The Old Observatory, South Parks Road, Oxford, near the cycle racks at the back of the building

Part 3: Details of person reporting the incident

Part 4: If you are reporting the incident on someone else's behalf please provide their details below

Submitting the form

When you click the submit button your report will be forwarded to the Security Services Control Room.

Please note:

  • Once you click submit you will not be able to go back and change any of the fields
  • You may wish to print a copy of the form for your records before you click submit
  • You will be contacted by Security Services within 48 hours


Personal information (such as names and addresses) submitted to this website will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.